Planting Seeds Generations Family Practice Sangha [for chilren, parents, grandparents, etc. and any grownups who want to join]

Dear Friends,

It is with much happiness that we would like to share the expansion of our Planting Seeds Generations Sangha to include meetings in AstoriaQueens, in addition to our regular meetings on the Upper West Side. We are looking to hold monthly meetings in Astoria on the third Sunday of each month. Upper West side meetings are generally the first Sunday of the month. We hope the additional location and time will help support our community.  For information on the Manhattan Meeting, the first Sunday of each month, contact Leora Amira,

Who is the generation sangha for?

Perhaps you can’t attend sangha regularly because you can’t find a convenient time when you can leave young children at home. 
Perhaps you want to introduce your children to the practice and include them in your interests and activities. 
Perhaps you're looking for a new activity to do with your niece or nephew, or grandchild.
Perhaps you just enjoy spending time with children and sharing with them our beautiful tradition.
Basically, it's for ALL KIDS and any grownups who want to join them!

Our first Astoria meeting will be:  

When:   Sunday, November 18; 3:00-5:00
Where:  At Phyllis’s home
              22-29 27th St. No.1
              Astoria NY 11105
              (by Ditmars Blvd)
              Cell phone: 847 204 9899 (Phyllis) & 646-206-9100 (Anne)
Directions:      Subway: N train to Ditmars

RSVP:              Email 

Please indicate who will be attending and if you are bringing children, what are their ages 
(this allows us to better plan the space for the proper age groups)

What do we do at Planting Seeds?

We start with a short round of “weather report” and sangha songs. We learn breathing and mindfulness practices, read a story, engage in mindful movements and games and other mindful practices. Commonly we facilitate kid-centered activities while adults can enjoy a longer guided meditation and dharma sharing, Themes include impermanence, nature, being kind to each other and so forth. The thought is to bring forth some of the mindfulness trainings such as deep listening, loving speech, listening to our body, working with anger, non-harming, loving the earth.

Feel free to forward this invitation to others who might want to join.

Who might you see at Planting Seeds first Astoria meeting/Who has helped organize these meetings? 
Leora Amira: has been practicing in the Plum Village Tradition for twelve years, in Jerusalem and with the Riverside Sangha in NYC, with the good fortune to often spend time at Blue Cliff Monastery; She is an aspirant for the Order of Interbeing and feels called to offer our practice to children. She started the Planting Seeds sangha two years ago, launched a family practice at Green Island sangha, and lead the Children Program in summer retreats at Blue Cliff Monastery. Leora is a researcher in developmental neuroscience.

Phyllis Chen: is a mother of two (6 and 3 yo) and has been practicing in the Plum Village tradition for over ten years. She is a member and facilitator of Middle Way Sangha and a composer/musician interested in how music and mindfulness connect. 

Anne Court is a mother of two (6 yr old and 1 yr old) and has been practicing in the Plum Village Tradition since 2011. She was a regular member and facilitator of Wake Up New York for many years before helping start the Middle Way Sangha in 2015. She works with children and parents building social-emotional skills and is in school to obtain her Master's in Educational Psychology. 

David Flint is a Dharma Teacher in the Plum Village/Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, and co-founder of our Community of Mindfulness New York Metro and has been happily engaged in Sangha Life for 28 years. He is a social worker by profession. David remembers fondly practicing in Sangha and on retreats with his children [now young adults] and is pleased to support Planting Seeds.

Zack Foley is an ordained member of the Order of Interbeing and a co-founder of the young adult sangha Wake Up NYC. He currently helps to facilitate at the Riverside Sangha and Planting Seeds Generations Sangha, both on the Upper West Side. Zack is a social worker by day and a jazz musician by night.