Planting Seeds Family Practice Sangha

Planting Seeds Generations Sangha

What do we do at Planting Seeds?

We start with a short round of “weather report” and sangha songs. We learn breathing and mindfulness practices, read a story, engage in mindful movements and games and other mindful practices. Commonly we facilitate kid-centered activities while adults can enjoy a longer guided meditation and dharma sharing, Themes include impermanence, nature, being kind to each other and so forth. The thought is to bring forth some of the mindfulness trainings such as deep listening, loving speech, listening to our body, working with anger, non-harming, loving the earth.

What is the purpose of the Planting Seeds Generations Sangha 
Our purpose is to offer a Family Practice meeting for Parents and their children, and other interested adults. We offer mindfulness practices approrpriate for children of all ages, and time for parents to meditate and have dharma sharing. 

 We have been meeting monthly on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, at Leora's home.