Monday, December 4, 2017

December 16 Holiday Season Day of Mindfulness: Children and Parents invited to afternoon.

Inspired by the Teachings and Practice of Thich Nhat Hanh
invites you to a
Holiday Season Day of Mindfulness
Saturday, December 16, 2017
Please join us at 10am to begin our day
as we support each other in Sangha  by enjoying  sitting &
walking meditation together as one body

We are also inviting Sangha Parents with their *young  folks to join
us for a POT LUCK Veggie Lunch at 1pm.

After lunch  we will have time to meet and practice with our
Sangha’s young Buddhas and their loved ones.
We look forward to celebrating the joys of multi generational Sangha.
All young folks, Infants to Teens,  are welcome and the afternoon activities will center on getting to know eachother better,
enjoying music & more as we  build community.
Please bring musical instruments, a story, song, poem, artwork,dance, if you wish

This is a precious opportunity for parents and children to spend time with the larger Sangha and for the community to be nourished by their presence!  Within the energy of a social gathering, we will be able to
share our experiences of practicing with our families and sangha over beverages and snacks.

Please RSVP: (helps us to set up a comfortable space....but not required)
Please bring a Veggie offering to our POTLUCK MIndful Lunch

*Zack Foley  and Leora Amira  facilitate our monthly Planting Seeds/Generations Sangha and will guide our afternoon practice together.

At:  The Riverside Church * Room 20T*   91 Claremont Avenue,  between 120-22nd, one block West of Broadway.
       10:00am-1:00pm: Adult Practice.
       1:00-4:30pm: Multi-Generational Sangha: Parents/Children, with 1:00-2:00pm Vegetarian Potluck.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Day of Mindfulness November 18 2017, at Riverside Church

When Mindfulness Shines

When sunlight shines,
It helps all vegetation grow.
When mindfulness shines,
It transforms all mental formations
   Dear Friends,
Together we will begin our Day of Mindfulness by  cultivating  mindfulness of breathing; calming the body; and  experiencing ease, joy and quiet.
With this nourishment of calm, ease and joy we then can look deeply into the nature of our body and mind, suffering and well-being.

We will practice what Thay calls Active Concentration:
“In Active Concentration, the mind dwells on whatever is happening in the present moment, even as it changes.  We don’t think about or long for anything else."

The wind whistles
and the bamboo dances.
When the wind stops
The bamboo grows still.”
             “A Silver Bird flies over the Autumn Lake.
        When it has passed,
        The lake’s surface does not try to hold on to the image of the bird.”
        As the bird flies over the lake, its reflection is lucid.  After it is gone, the lake reflects the clouds and the sky just   as clearly.  When we practice active concentration, we welcome whatever comes along….We just dwell in the present moment with all our being.  Whatever comes, comes.  When the object of our concentration has passed, our mind remains clear, like a calm lake.” [Thich Nhat Hanh, Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching, p. 105-6]

The schedule of the Day is something like this:
10-12:10 Sitting and Walking Meditations/Mindful Movements.
                      12:15-12:55: Personal Practice***
1:00-1:50: Mindful Lunch [Bring your own vegetarian lunch; we eat mindfully, in silence.]
2:00-2:30: Total Relaxation Exercise
2:40-3:20:  Walking Meditation/Mindful Movements/Sitting Meditation
3:30-4:20pm:  Dharma Sharing
4:20-4:30: End of Day
***Personal Practice is time where each of us chooses what to do: sitting, walking, movements, journeying, resting, etc.

Noble Silence supports our practice throughout the Day.  [Meaning we do refrain from conversation during the Day, except during Dharma Sharing.  This allows us to deepen our concentration, and look into the habit-energies that drive much conversation and chit-chat.]

Beginners Welcome.
Chairs and cushions available.
Please do not wear fragrances.
Bring your own vegetarian lunch.

When: Saturday November 18, 2017.
          10:00am-4:30pm [Come for all or part of the Day.]
Where: Riverside Church, Room 20-T.  91 Claremont Avenue, NY, NY 10025. [Between 120-122nd Street, one block west of Broadway.]
The Day will be facilitated by David Flint.
David received Lamp Transmission from Thay in 2011
and practices with the Riverside Sangha and the Queens MorningStar Sangha.

“For the Tathagata [Buddha] feelings are known as they arise, as they are present, as they disappear; perceptions are known as they arise, as they are present, as they disappear; thoughts are known as they arise, as they are present, as they disappear.”

[Quotation in “The Island,” by Ajahns Passano and Amaro. Original Source is The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha.]

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Preparing for Winter: Day of Mindfulness October 21, 2017

Community of Mindfulness New York Metro
Inspired by the Teachings and Practice of Thich Nhat Hanh

Preparing for Winter: Mindfulness as Medicine
October 21: 10:00am-4:30pm, at Riverside Church, 20-T

Dear Friends,
Winter can bring many challenges from increased illness to low mood, malaise and depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In addition to a flu shot for our immune system, we can strengthen our spiritual life. We'll explore some methods of PM---Preventative Maintenance or Medicine-- to help nourish us through these months. 
We will use the Buddha's insights, as transmitted by our Teacher Thay, and informed by the Sutras. And we will incorporate some of the findings from neuro-science 

Our Day includes sitting and walking meditations, Dharma Sharing, Mindful Eating and singing, and breathing together in Community.

Come for all or Part of the Day.
No Experience Necessary.

The Day will be led by Dennis Bohn.  Dennis received Lamp Transmission from Thay in 2011, and practices with the Rock Blossom Sangha in Brooklyn.
When: Saturday October 21: 10:00-4:30pm
Where: 91 Claremont Avenue, The Riverside Church, Room 20-T
Chairs and Cushions available.
Bring a vegetarian lunch. [Lunch is around 1:00-2:00pm.]
Please do not wear fragrances.