Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Breath! You are Alive. Day of Mindfulness July 19 2008

Day of Mindfulness, July 19, 10-4:30

We have a Day of Mindfulness this Saturday, 10-4:30pm, at Riverside Church in Manhattan. Our practices include sitting and walking meditation, Dharma sharing, singing, mindful movements, eating together and more.

This Saturday we will be guided by Thay's book Breath! You are Alive, which presents the Full Awareness of Breathing Sutra [Anapanasati] of the Buddha. Our meditation practice will begin with a focus on stopping and calming and ease through awareness of breathing and then of the whole body. We will then look into the impermanent and interbeing nature of the body and mind. Our intention is to maintain contact with each in-breath and each out-breath.

Lunch is from 1:15-2:15-- Bring a vegetarian lunch. Chairs and cushions available. Please do not wear fragrances.

I will facilitate the Day.

At 91 Claremont Avenue, room 630-MLK, in Riverside Church. The church is one block west of Broadway between 120-122nd St. [1 train to 116 Street]. Walk past the security desk, turn left and walk across lobby and take elevator to sixth floor.

Take care,

David Flint

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