Monday, September 5, 2016

September 17 Day of Mindfulness: The Breath and the Steps:

Community of Mindfulness New York Metro
Inspired by the Teachings and Practice of Thich Nhat Hanh
Invites you to

The Breath and the Steps

Using the awareness of breathing and walking to transform difficulty, and to water the seeds of joy! Breath awareness and mindful steps are there for us, for whatever is coming up.

Day of Mindfulness * September 17, 2016 *

10am-4:30pm [Please arrive 9.45pm]

The Riverside Church,  91 Claremont,  NYC *Room 20T*

Our Day of Mindfulness will be led by by Tom Duva, who is a co-founder of the PoJama Sangha in Connecticut, which formed in 1997.  He received Ordination into the Order of Interbeing, in August 2007.
Tom says that: "I was reflecting recently on my early days of practice at Green Mountain Dharma Center, and Maple Forest. How much suffering I had in my consciousness and how these practices of breath awareness and of walking meditation helped me to transform. And how now after so many years these two practices remain essential to me: they nourish joy and ease."                  

Our Day will include sitting and walking meditation, walking outdoors, Dharma sharing, singing, deep relaxation and mindful eating. Chairs and cushions available.
Remember to bring your veggie bag lunch & Refrain from wearing fragrances       
Your donations make our Days of Mindfulness possible. 
Come for all or part of the Day. Lunch is at 1:00-2:00pm.