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Joyfully Together: A Day of Mindfulness for Adults, Teens and Children Saturday March 29, 2014 10AM to 4PM

Mindfulness Teachers Fern Dorresteyn & Michael Ciborski
&  Morning Sun Mindfulness Community
Joyfully Together: A Day of
 Mindfulness for Adults, Teens and Children
Saturday March 29, 2014
10AM to 4PM
9:30 Registration Starts/preregistration recommended
Please RSVP & reserve train Shuttle 
see info for train & travel below
Veatch Ballroom @ Veatch House (directions below)
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
48 Shelter Rock Rd, Manhasset, NY 11030
Donation/Dana*: We invite the Practice of Dana - Generosity practice – to   help cover expenses & support these Teachers who rely on donations to support their teaching & their center.
·         Please BRING your own cushion (Chairs will be provided)
·         BRING your own Veggie Lunch (HerbalTea, water & children’s snacks provided)
Join us and the Teachers from Morning Sun Mindfulness Center in New Hampshire for a daylong program for all generations. There will be a lovely balance of adults and children practicing mindfulness together and practicing separately. The children's program will be a chance for children to learn basic age-appropriate mindfulness practices and games. The theme for the day will be enjoying and appreciating the people in our lives.
See this video from our last day of mindfulness together

Fern Dorresteyn and Michael Ciborski lived at Plum Village monastery in France for nine years, training in the meditative arts as monk and nun for seven. They were fortunate to live and work intimately with Thich Nhat Hanh and the monastic community to organize, support, and offer meditation retreats around the world. They are both members of the Order of Interbeing as well as ordained Dharma teachers in the Plum Village tradition. In 2003, each of them departed Plum Village and, when they encountered each other, returned to lay life. Now they are married and have a son, Laurian, and two daughters, Seriena and Fiana. In 2011, they were joined byTim Ambrose Desmond and Annie Millar Desmond, whose experience directing nonprofits and working as a therapist (Ambrose) and with children’s programs around sustainability (Annie)  was a perfect complement to Fern and Michael’s experience as monastics. Ambrose and Annie have a new baby boy, Finn born last year.  All four teachers combine their experience with mindfulness with real life knowing about parenting, relationships and caring for their lives and their families.
Train: Take the LIRR Port Washington line to Manhasset. There will be a Shuttle to Veatch House only for the 8:48 AM from Penn arriving 9:28 Manhasset (Port Washington line)
PLEASE  email to reserve a space on the sangha shuttle.
Please also Car pool from your Local Sanghas follow directions below once on UUC grounds
By Car: Directions to UUC Shelter Rock: See
Then follow directions below once on UUC grounds
Getting to Veatch House and the Veatch Ballroom
When entering into the UUC off Shelter Rock Rd you will then travel a long drive to the main parking lot, Do not go into the main parking lot just as you get to the main parking lot make a right. Veatch House is a separate building from the main UUC building and is  on the far right of the property and has its own parking. Look for Mindfulness signs
Park in the Veatch Parking lot and then go up the stairs and go to the door on the left to get into the ballroom (it is on the first floor which is above the basement level). We will post signs

Wheelchair Access/Elevator Access There is a handicap parking lot but you must have a handicap sign to park in this lot. To get there take the same directions going toward the Veatch House Parking and just before entering the VH parking lot there is a turn to the left which will take you to  another parking lot in a courtyard with handicap parking as well as an entrance to the basement level with an elevator which will take you to the first floor where the Veatch ballroom is located.
This InterSangha Day of Mindfulness is cosponsored  by
 Community of Mindful Living Long Island: Green Island Sangha , Stony Brook Sangha, Kaeli Kramer Foundation , MorningSun,  Rock Blossom , Community of Mindfulness NY Metro , Riverside Sangha, Morning Star Sangha, Quiet Harbor, St. Marks Sangha, and WakeUP NY

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Day of Mindfulness March 15, 2014

The Path to True Freedom, with Dharma Teacher Dennis Bohn

Room 20-T, at Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Avenue
Come for all or part of the Day