Friday, March 5, 2021

Our Greatest Happiness: a Zoom Half-Day of Mindfulness with Wake Up New York March 20th, 2021

 Community of Mindfulness New York Metro

Inspired by the teachings and the practice of Thich Nhat Hanh

Invites you to an online 

Day Of Mindfulness

March 20th, 2021


Our Greatest Happiness: Bringing in the Spring with Renewal of our Practice Energy

Facilitated by:

Wake Up New York Sangha

As we welcome the spring, the world begins to reawaken from the pandemic, and the northern hemisphere from its long winter. We come together to concentrate this newfound energy into looking deeply, investigating the sources of our greatest happiness.

To help us in this exploration we will use the Discourse on Happiness, 

with commentary by our dear teacher Thay. 


“To live in the world

with your heart undisturbed by the world,

with all sorrows ended, dwelling in peace —

this is the greatest happiness.


“For they who accomplish this,

unvanquished wherever they go,

always they are safe and happy —

happiness lives within themselves.”


         -from Mahamangala Sutta, Sutta Nipata 1


We invite you to join us in guided and silent sitting meditation, walking meditation, shared reading, small and large group dharma sharing.


Zoom Link and Meeting Info:

Meeting ID: 875 3331 0571  passcode: peace


About Wake Up New York (WUNY) Sangha

We are a diverse group of young people practicing the living art of mindfulness and meditation. We meet o Friday evenings from 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Zoom (formerly at Still Mind Zendo Center in NYC). We are part of a worldwide movement (Wake Up) of young Buddhists and non-Buddhists practicing mindful living, which has grown

out of the teachings of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, under his guidance. We share a determination to live in an awakened way, to realize the path of understanding and love, and to help our society face the roots of its ignorance, which manifests as the intolerance, discrimination, craving, anger, and despair that seems so commonplace today. We aim to experience joy and ease in our pursuits, keeping it real with the laughter,

sanity, and friendship that bloom from practicing mindfulness together. Our practitioners are (roughly) aged 18-35.

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About our facilitators:

Max Weidmann

Max  began practicing meditation in the winter of 2014-15, initially focused on the “wisdom

wing” of the path, but increasingly in touch with the energy of compassion. He fell in love with Wake Up and the Plum Village tradition from his first visit in January 2015 and now practices regularly with Wake Up and Riverside Sanghas and tries to live in accordance with the 5-MTs. He aspires to integrate his mindfulness practice with his work in medicine and public health, continue sangha building and deepen his practice through formal teacher training. 

Dharma name: Healing Abode of the Heart 


Jairo Mata

Jairo has been meditating since college. A meditator with Wake-Up New York since 2018, Jairo integrates mindfulness techniques as a way to enhance self-awareness and understanding with others. By profession, Jairo works in social media while spending time volunteering with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A New York City native, Jairo aspires to deepen his meditation practice through leadership service and personal growth, hence the interest towards facilitation.


James Lalino

James  discovered the Plum Village tradition when a kind stranger gave him a copy of one of Thich Nhat Hahn’s books while he was riding a cross-country train traveling by himself through France in 2014. James works in the media business, reads the bible, and devotes himself daily to fitness and nutrition. James has been practicing with Wake Up New York for seven years now, has been serving on its Care-Taking Council for nearly six years, and recently began taking very slow baby steps at the very early stages of his OI training.

Anthony Garcia

Anthony  was introduced to Buddhism and the practice of meditation when he was rummaging through a family member’s bookshelf and stumbled upon “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” during high school. At the time, the concepts felt too dense and beyond comprehension. It wasn’t until sometime in 2015 that those concepts would begin to unravel before him when a close friend would invite him to the Shambhala center and then Wake Up New York. Since then he’s taken on a more active role within the Wake Up community by facilitating and eventually becoming a member of the Care-Taking Council. Having spent years working administrative roles throughout his career, he aspires to share and implement the concepts and practices of mindfulness to more corporate environments

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