Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day of Mindfulness Aug 21,2010, 10-4:30pm, at Riverside Church

Community of Mindfulness New York Metro
Inspired by the Teaching and Practice of Thich Nhat Hanh
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Dear Friends,

This Saturday August 21 we will have our Day of Mindfulness, 10-4:30pm at Riverside Church, room 8-T.

During our Day together we will focus on Mindfulness of the Body: cultivating relaxation, ease and joy in the body; developing concentration; and practicing guided meditations looking into the interbeing and impermanent nature of the body.

We will practice mindful movements: the ten mindful movements in our tradition, walking meditation and other mindful movements that promote ease and well-being. These practices can also nourish our sitting meditation.

Several teachings from the Buddha and Thay on mindfulness of the body are below.

The Day begins at 10am and continues until 4:30. We eat together from 1-2pm: bring a vegetarian lunch. Our practice of slow and mindful eating-in silence-can be very enjoyable and powerful.

Everyone is welcome. Chairs and cushions available. Please do not wear fragrances. Come for all or part of the Day.

This Saturday David Flint will facilitate the Day.

At Riverside Church, room 8-T, 91 Claremont Avenue in Manhattan.

Mindfulness of the Body

"I tell you, friend, that it isn't possible by traveling to know or see or reach a far end of the cosmos where one doesn't take birth, age, die, pass away, or reappear. But at the same time, I tell you that there is no making an end of suffering & stress without reaching the end of the cosmos. Yet it is just within this fathom-long body, with its perception & intellect, that I declare that there is the cosmos, the origination of the cosmos, the cessation of the cosmos, and the path of practice leading to the cessation of the cosmos."

[From 'Body Contemplation: A Study Guide, Section 1, Ed. Thanissaro Bhikkhu, at]


"Further Bhikkus [Monks], a practitioner is aware of body as body, when, thanks to having put aside the Five Desires, a feeling of bliss arises during his concentration and saturates every part of his body....a practitioner who is aware of body as body, feels the joy which arises during concentration saturate every part of his body.' [Transformation and Healing, p. 64-65.]


"We recognize the presence of our body and return home to be one with it....If we do not come back to our home and care for it, who will? When we come home to it, our body breaths a sigh of relief and says "she has come back at last!....

The hairs on your head may seem ordinary, but each hair is an ambassador of truth. Please receive the credentials of your hair.

[From Breath! You are Alive, pages 45, 47-8, 1996]