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Zoom Sangha Meetings Sept 13,14,16,17,18: Zoom Half-Day of Mindfulness Sept 18

Listings for Community of Mindfulness/New York Metro Zoom Sanghas

Inspired by the Teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village Community of Engaged Buddhism

Our Zoom Sangha Meetings are listed below. This list is Moderated: only Moderators can post. The individual Sangha email groups,

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                Mornings Monday through Friday: 7:30-8:00am: Stonybrook Sangha

Meeting ID: 154 822 492 Passcode: 074791,  One tap mobile: 646-558-8656,  for other Zoom Call in Numbers


Sunflower Ring of Fire | All-America Selections

Tuesday September 14 Riverside Sangha: 7:00-9:00 pm [Link valid through 9/14/21] 

[Pre-Covid met at Riverside Church, Manhattan]

Zoom Sangha Link: 

Meeting ID: 886 1905 5393  Passcode: 959151 One tap mobile: 646-558-8656, 

for other Zoom Call in Numbers

Meet The Florist-Bandit Who's Been Stealthily Beautifying New York's Public  Spaces | Vogue

Thursday September 16:  St Mark's Sangha: 8:00am-9:30 am  [Link valid through 9/16/21]

[Pre-Covid: met at St. Mark's Church Manhattan]

Meeting ID: 821 6083 9379   Passcode: 505070

One tap mobile: 646-558-8656  for other Zoom Call in numbers


Thursday September 16Rock Blossom Sangha::6:30-8:00pm, Enter beginning 6:15pm]

Meeting ID: 899 1756 9015  Passcode: 241354

One tap mobile: 646-558-8656, for other Zoom Call in Numbers 

Pin on The Beauty of Flowers         

Thursday September 16: Chrysanthemum Sangha: 8:00pm -10:00pm,

an LQGBTIA+ Sangha in the Plum Village tradition!

Open to all practitioners who identify as LGBTQIA+

Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting password: peace  One tap mobile: 646-558-8656,  Zoom Call in #s  

Password for Dialing in by phone: 819331   

For more info, you can join our Facebook group here:

When apple trees blossom, worker bees rockUmpire Rock | Central Park Conservancy

Friday September 17: Zoom Wake Up New York. 8:00pm-10:00pm.  [pre-covid met at Still Mind Zendo, Manhattan]

[Wake Up is a 'Young Adult' Sangha-age range 18-35]  Zoom link here  Meeting ID: 778749815    Passcode: breathe  

[Subscribe to the Wake Up email list [below] as some meetings are now happening outdoors and are announced each week.]


Saturday September 18: Being Intimate

Developing closeness with ourselves, each other, and the natural world
A Day of Mindfulness with Dharma Teacher John Bell 

Sept 18, 2021, 10:00am -2:00pm on Zoom

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Meeting ID: 836 3907 0206      Passcode: peace Dial in:  +1 646 558 8656 US (New York), Passcode: 572354  [for dialing in]  for other Zoom Call in Numbers, Passcode: 572354


A Beautiful Way to Catch Runoff: How to Build a Dry Stream -

Saturday September 18 Stony Brook Sangha:Time: 9-10:30am

 [pre-Covid met in Stony Brook, NY]

       Meeting ID: 683 720 024       Passcode: 051883    One tap mobile: 646-558-8656,  Zoom Call in #s

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'Fear is born from Arming Oneself:' Attandanda Sutta:    

This Silence is Called Great Joy:

Discourse on the White-Clad Disciple

Store of Precious Virtues Discourse

Discourse on the Absolute Truth:

And Keep in Mind:

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Saturday July 17 Zoom Half-Day of Mindfulness

 Resting Joyfully in the Ultimate Dimension

A Zoom Half-Day of MIndfulness

With David Flint

Saturday July 17, 10:00am-1:30pm. Enter beginning at 9:55am


Image result for “When sunlight shines                                               It helps all vegetation grow When mindfulness shines It transforms all mental formationsImage result for Thay walking joyfully Image result for go as a river thich nhat hanh

In our time together, we share the Practices of Sitting and Walking Meditation, Total Relaxation, Dharma Sharing, and more:

all grounded in mindful breathing and noble silence.

“No one who has ever touched liberation could possibly want anything other than liberation for everyone.”

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Meeting ID: 899 5839 3572  Passcode: peace

One tap mobile: 646-558-8656,  for other Zoom Call in Numbers, dial-in passcode: 270231, meeting ID: 89958393572


Walking joyfully in the Ultimate Dimension,

Walk with your feet,

not with your head.

If you walk with your head you’ll get lost.

Teaching the Dharma in the Ultimate Dimension,

Falling leaves fill the sky.

The path is covered in Autumn Moonlight.

The Dharma is abundant in all Directions.

Discussing Dharma in the Ultimate Dimension,

We look at each other and smile.

You are me, don’t you see?

Speaking and listening are one.

Enjoying lunch in the historical dimension,

I feed all generations of ancestors

And all future generations.

Together, we will find our way.

Getting angry in the historical dimension,

We close our eyes and look deeply.

Where will we be in 300 years?

We open our eyes and hug.

Resting in the Ultimate Dimension,

Using snowy mountains as a pillow

And beautiful pink clouds as blankets.

Nothing is lacking.

Meditating in the Ultimate Dimension,

Sharing Prabhutaranta’s Lion Seat,

Every moment is a realization,

Every fruit is ripe and delicious.

[Cultivating the Mind of Love, Kindle Location 887; end of Chapter 14.]



Related Teachings for Contemplation

“the effect of meditation is the fire under a pot, the sun’s rays on the snow, and the hen’s warmth on her eggs….there is no attempt at reasoning or analysis, just patient and continuous concentration [allowing truth to reveal itself.]” With our patient and continuous practice we will “follow our breathing and meditate on the beginningless and endless nature of ourselves and the world.” [From The Sun, My Heart]”


“Ræhula, develop meditation that is like space; for when

you develop meditation that is like space, arisen agreeable and

disagreeable contacts will not invade your mind and remain. Just

as space is not established anywhere, so too, Ræhula, develop

meditation that is like space for when you develop meditation

that is like space, arisen agreeable and disagreeable contacts will

not invade your mind and remain.”

~ M 62.17, (Bhikkhu Bodhi & Bhikkhu Ñæ1⁄4amoli trans.)


When we see there is already a precious jewel in our pocket,

We give up every attitude of craving or coveting…..

Seeing that we are the sun, we give up the candle’s habit of fearing the wind.

Seeing that life has no boundaries, we give up all imprisoning divisions.”

[Breathe! You are Alive, 3rd edition, Kindle location 841]


“The present moment 

Contains past and future. 

The secret of transformation 

Is in the way we handle this very moment. 


Transformation takes place 

In our daily life. 

To make the work of transformation easy, 

Practice with a Sangha 


Nothing is born, nothing dies. 

Nothing to hold onto, nothing to release. 

Samsara is nirvana. 

There is nothing to attain.

  [From the “Path of Practice” verses, in Transformation at the Base]


The sun has entered me.

The sun has entered me together with the cloud and the river.

I myself have entered the river, and I have entered the sun with the cloud and the river.

There has not been a moment

when we do not interpenetrate.

But before the sun entered me,

the sun was in me —also the cloud and the river.

Before I entered the river,

I was already in it.

There has not been a moment

when we have not inter-been.

Therefore you know

that as long as you continue to breathe,

I continue to be in you.

[Interbeing, in Call Me By My True Names]

Where water, earth, fire, and wind have no footing:
There the stars do not shine,
the sun is not visible,
the moon does not appear,
darkness is not found.
And when a sage,
a brahman through sagacity,
has known [this] for himself,
then from form and formless,
from bliss and pain,
  he is freed

[Excerpt from ‘Bahiya Sutta,’

"In the historical dimension, every dharma is a conditioned dharma. In the ultimate dimension, every dharma is an unconditioned dharma."  "If we are skillful we can touch Nirvana with our insight into interdependent co-arising, impermanence and non-self.  We see that Nirvana lies right here in the present moment: in the table, the chair, the mountain, the cloud and each cell of our body."

Like the path of birds in the sky

It is hard to trace the Path of those who do not hoard

Who are judicious with their food

And whose field is the freedom of emptiness and signlessness

Like the path of birds in the Sky

It is hard to trace the Path

Of those who have destroyed their toxins,

Are unattached to food

And whose field is the freedom

Of emptiness and signlessness”

[From Dhammapada, Gil Fronsdal]

Unborn and indestructible, 

Beyond time and space, 

Beyond time and space

I am my mother, I am my father, 

I am my teachers, I am my friends, 

I am one and yet I am many, 

I am none, I am all, no beginning, no end. 

Unborn and indestructible,

Unborn and indestructible, 

Beyond time and space, 

Beyond time and space

This body is not me, 

These perceptions are not me, 

And I am not limited by this body, 

I am one with all life, I have always been free.