Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lamp Transmission!

2011 Feb 21-Lamp transmission -Plum Village

In our tradition the Great Ordination Ceremonies

begin after the annual winter retreat.

This year is particularly auspicious for those of us in the Northeast because Four long-time OI members and Sangha builders have been invited to receive Lamp at Plum Village for ordination as teachers. This includes Green Island Sangha'sJeanne Marie Anselmo, Rock Blossom Sangha's Dennis Bohn and Riverside Sangha's Marjorie Markus and David Flint.

Thay offering Incense with the High venerables

Elder nuns paying respect to the Buddha and the ancestors

Chân Tuệ Quán

True insight looking

Marjorie Markus

Quản đại trí tuệ quán Hạnh nguyện Quan Âm xưa Hiểu thương là sự nghiệp Thành tựu pháp chân thừa.

Chân Bản Thiện

True Good Nature

David Flint Đường về thấy lại bản nguyên Bàn tay thiện hữu trợ duyên vững bền Tăng thân tìm lối đi lên Nguyện xưa ân trả nghĩa đền đẹp sao

Chân An Sơn

True mountain of peace

(Dennis Bohn)

Năm tháng an cư trên đất Tịnh Ngắm nhìn sơn thủy cảnh thần tiên Nắng xuân về lại trên quê cũ Hạt giống đầy gieo thửa phước điền.

Months and years residing in the Pure Land Observing and enjoying the heavenly scenery of Mountains and rivers The Spring sunshine has come back to the old path The Seeds has been fully sown all over the fertile land

Chân Bảo Thủ

Jeanne Marie Anselmo

Tam Bảo nương về mỗi bước chân An ban thủ hộ cả thân tâm Chùa xưa trên đỉnh non mây trắng Trăng sáng hiên ngoài hiện pháp thân.

8 new Dharma teachers: Sr Thang Nghiem, Marjorie Marcus,Phap Tap,David Flint, Dennis Bohn,GlenSchneider, Br Phap Vu, Jeanne Anselmo

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day of Mindfulness March 19, 2011 at Riverside Church



SAT, MARCH 19, 2011

10:00am-4:00 PM


Our past is with us, but it need not limit us. Thich Nhat Hanh offers us a generous range of techniques with which to re-frame our actions to live joyfully in the present.

Please join us for a day of healing, using silent, guided and walking meditations, relevant readings, Touching the Earth, deep conscious sharing and journaling–all designed to help us look at our past with compassion and new eyes of understanding.

We will also have a potluck vegetarian lunch. Bring something for yourself, and, if you like, something to share. To support your healing, you might want to bring a food which has strong associations with your past–a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? green jello with marsh mellows? Oreo cookies?

Facilitated by David Ostwald and Birgitte Moyer-Vinding.

Chairs and cushions available. Please do not wear fragrances.

In room 8-T, Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Avenue, between 120-122nd Street, one block west of Broadway in Manhattan.