Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Riverside Sangha Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and event at ABC December 31

Come All Ye Sanghas!
Be Joyyfully Together!

Christmas Eve and/or New Year’s Eve

with The Riverside Sangha

Christmas Eve

7-8pm Wellness Center, Sit, Walk,

8-9 Carols in the beautiful Nave

9- 9:30 Wellness Center,

Sharing and Holiday Nog and Snacks


New Year’s Eve

7-9 Wellness Center

Beginning Anew

Sit, Walk, Read, Share

Extra Offering:

10-Midnight in Nave

Carillon, Organ and Midnight

Peeling of Bells


The Riverside Church

91 Claremont Avenue, Manhattan

north of 120th Street and west of Broadway

December 31 Silent Walking, 2pm
 hosted by marjorie markus & dennis bohn
888 Broadway, ABC Carpet
Thich Nhat Hanh Calligraphy Exhibit
108 bells, Beginning Anew, Silent Walking

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