Monday, June 18, 2018

Planting Seeds Generations Sangha Riverside Park Gathering [Family Practice]

Dear Friends,           

Our next sangha meeting will occur on July 1, 3:00-5:00.  We invite all our sangha friends to join us, for a nature walk in Riverside Park .

Please email me with any feedback, questions or comments.

Planting Seeds Generations Sangha - Meeting July 1, 2018

Sunday July 13:00-5:00
At Leora’s home
301 W 108th St., Apt. 10D
(NW corner of 108 and Broadway)
Cell phone: 917-477-9627
Subway No. 1 to W 110 St.
Buses  M104, M4, M5, M60

We are honored to host our Riverside Sangha friend and environment educator Jonathan Billig who offered to lead this next meeting.
Here is Jonathan’s description:
Green Friends: In this lightly guided walk we'll (most likely) explore the wonders of the plant world, learning a few plant names and asking a few questions as we connect with our natural neighbors in Riverside Park.

Please let us know if you plan to attend and who will come with you so we can plan accordingly; 
Feel free to forward this invitation to other children who might want to join.

Hoping for nice weather, we will meet at home first and walk to the park (about 600 feet). Please dress appropriately and bring water, or anything you might need.

Proposed agenda:
   Review Practice:
   Mindful Breathing, Walking, Inviting the bell
   A guided walk in the Park
   Reading a story
   Singing and learning a new song

Please aim to arrive at 2:50 so we can start on time. If you cannot stay for the whole duration or you need to arrive later, please come anyway. It’s about the togetherness. If you know in advance we will appreciate if you mention it in your response email.

Please email me, Leora, at
(1) If you are attending and include the names and ages of your children, and arrival and departure time [if needing to arrive later or leave earlier.]
(2) If you cannot make this meeting and want to be informed of next meetings, please let me know.

With metta, 

Leora Amira, Ph.D.